Houston, TX
March 12, 2016
Gate 10
Scheduled 12:30 PM
Security Checkpoint: Less than 10
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Arrival/Departure City Flight Gate Scheduled Status
Arrival/Departure City Flight Gate Scheduled Status
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Available Parking
5 mins
Terminal Capacity Address Daily Rate Valet Rate (Always available)
Terminals A & BTerminals A & BTerminals A & B 33% Full 2800 N. Terminal Road $22 $26 (Ground Level)
Terminal CTerminal C 58% Full 3500 N. Terminal Road $22 $26 (Level 4)
Terminals D & ETerminals D & ETerminals D & E 58% Full 3700 N. Terminal Road $22 $26 (Level 2)
ecopark coveredecopark covered 89% Full 16152 John F. Kennedy Blvd $7.39 plus tax
ecopark uncoveredecopark uncovered 59% Full 16152 John F. Kennedy Blvd $5.54 plus tax
ecopark2 coveredecopark2 covered 99% Full 5021 Will Clayton Parkway $5.54 plus tax
Security Checkpoint
Terminal Approx. Wait
Terminal a Terminal A North* Less than 10
Terminal a Terminal A South** 23 minutes
Terminal b Terminal B 29 minutes
Terminal c Terminal C North*** 18 minutes
Terminal c Terminal C South 10 minutes
Terminal d Terminal D Less than 10
Terminal e Terminal E 26 minutes
* TSA Pre√ queues at Terminal A North
** Clear queues at Terminal A South
*** United reserves its Terminal C North checkpoint for TSA Pre✓™, Premier Access and Global Services passengers.
Immigrations & Customs Processing
5 mins
Terminal Avg. Wait Min. Wait Max. Wait
Terminals D & ETerminals D & E 17 minutes 6 minutes 82 minutes*
* Does not include secondary processing by CBP.
Immigration Procedures

International passengers who arrive at both Terminals D and E will proceed through Customs & Immigration to the Terminal E international arrivals hall.